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For all sectors where a flexible metal element is required. The competence of the market leader and the many years of experience of Witzenmann make BTFLEX one of the ideal partners.

The know-how, immediately perceptible in the continuous evolution of the products, is the irreplaceable heritage on which the mission of BTFLEX is based, which is reflected in the continuous improvement of construction methods and processes and in the use of the most advanced technologies. The company believes that product development must also be adequately reflected in its internal technological production and control capabilities to combine tradition, innovation, performance and reliability.
In order to consolidate its mission as specialists in the sector, BTFLEX invests in the specific skills of its technicians, in advanced design methods and in the most innovative technologies. The technology allows to reduce the development time of the products, allowing a rapid introduction on the market and ensuring the continuous improvement of the technical characteristics. The customer-oriented internal organization and operational capacity, emphasized by a production line with flexible management, allow the product development area to dynamically meet the needs of the market.
To improve its service, BTFLEX uses innovative technologies that guarantee repeatability, reliability and final product quality. Being a manufacturer, integrated in the Witzenmann group, is one of the competitive advantages. The technological capacity of the group allows production synergies within it for a rapid response to the market, increasing the basic know-how.

Next steps

Configure products

Use our FLEXPERTE tool to configure products, quickly and easily, to meet your individual requirements.


  • Design of standard products
  • Creation of data sheets
  • Preparation of Enquiries

Download: FLEXPERTE customer version

FLEXPERTE: The design program for the Witzenmann Group's entire product range with function-specific subdivisions

  • Flexible metal hoses
  • Expansion joints
  • Metal bellows
  • Bearings, hangers, supports

Drawing data, including complete 3D CAD drawings, is stored alongside the calculation formulae. With PDS and PDMS interfaces, the program is versatile and universally usable.

Other questions

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