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Arial Protective Lines Image Text

Antenna Protective Lines

Single-ply antenna protective conduit for high-frequency signals. Connection between antenna tuning unit and antenna base. Positioning of the antenna component within the multi-bent ducting.

  • exact bending of the 3D layout for wire-assembly-group and outside conduit
  • coaxial mounting
Tank Ducts Image Text

Tank Line for Cable Harness

Pipe subdivided into four different assembly groups (left - right design). The integrated metal bellows units of Inconel 625 pass through both inner aluminium ducts, which are responsible for supporting the lightning protection equipment. This protective conduit ensures the safe supply of electrical cables through a filled aircraft fuel tank and tolerates loads over the entire service life of the aircraft.

  • the highest demands on the nonporous welding of aluminium alloys
  • highly developed process for flange machining
  • maintenance-free
Vibration Decoupling Units Image Text

Anti-resonance Vibration System

Assembly group consisting of external primary and internal secondary bellows unit reduces the vibration load of the helicopter's main rotor on the cell by 95%.

  • the secondary bellows unit equipped with a mass and mechanical spring as an interconnected single degree of freedom system is geared towards a 4-fold rotational frequency
  • introduction of entirely new material technologies (17-4 PH / 17-7 PH)
  • documented evidence of high geometrical precision, measurement of the narrow tolerance stiffness for components/assemblies
Accumulator Image Text

Accumulators for the ISS

A metal bellows, pre-tensioned by a mechanical or pneumatic spring, communicates with the medium of the connected system and thus reacts to pressure changes by means of its hydraulically effective cross-section. Pressure changes on the system side are converted to an appropriate volume change on the system interface. Accumulators can be used as energy storage for actuators, e.g. for rapid activation of rudders and flaps.

  • compact design by the use of a "special bellows profile" and adjustment to the required volume change
  • self-regulating and maintenance-free
  • fine adjustment of the response pressure (for assembly or readjustment)
  • no elastomer or plastic parts are used
  • reliable service life (no ageing effects)
  • permanently vacuum-tight, including moveable system interface

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