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Product overview metal bellows from Witzenmann

Metal bellows


Here you will find an overview of our standard corrugated bellows and diaphragm bellows range. Do you need a special design? Please get in touch with us.

Product overview corrugated bellows stainless steel Witzenmann
HYDRA® Corrugated Bellows

Corrugated bellows are pressure-tight as well as highly flexible.

Typical fields of application are machinery and plant engineering, the valve gear industry, measurement and control technology, vacuum technology, solar applications and the semiconductor industry.

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Product overview diaphragm bellows stainless steel Witzenmann
HYDRA® Edge Welded Bellows

Edge welded bellows offer the greatest flexibility with low space requirements.

Typical applications are vacuum valves, vacuum ducts, media storage, volume compensation elements, floating ring seals as well as measuring and control units.

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Flexperte Design Software for pipe supports Witzenmann
FLEXPERTE - The Design Software

Specially designed for designers, "FLEXPERTE" is a PC software application for dimensioning and presenting expansion joints, metal bellows, flexible metal hoses and pipe supports. The menu-based application aids in the calculation and design of these products.

  • intuitive operation
  • tailor-made design even of complex load chains
  • Rohr2, CAESAR II, PDMS and PDS interfaces
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Configure products for your individual needs quickly and easily with our FLEXPERTE tool.


  • Designing of Standard Products
  • Preparation of Technical Data Sheets
  • Preparation of Enquiries

Download: FLEXPERTE customer version

FLEXPERTE: The design programme for the entire product range of the Witzenmann Group with a function-specific classification

  • Flexible metal hoses
  • Expansion joints
  • Metal bellows
  • Bearings, hangers, supports
Apart from the calculation formulas, drawing data as well as entire 3D CAD drawings are stored. Provided with PDS and PDMS interfaces, the program can be used multifacetedly and universally.