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Witzenmann offers the world's widest product range of flexible metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows, pipe supports and automotive components.
Apart from our standard range, we develop and produce custom-tailored solutions for the most diverse industries and applications from single-item to large-scale production.

Product range Metal Hoses stainless steel Witzenmann
HYDRA® Flexible Metal Hoses

There are basically two types of hoses: pressure-tight corrugated hoses and stripwound hoses. Depending on the manufacturing process, corrugated hoses are described as an annularly corrugated or spirally corrugated hose.

  • wide product range
  • fast delivery times
  • worldwide approvals
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Product range Expansion Joints stainless steel Witzenmann
HYDRA® Expansion Joints

Axial expansion joints, universal expansion joints, lateral expansion joints and angular rotation stainless steel expansion joints for pipeline construction, plant engineering and construction and apparatus engineering.

  • nominal diameters DN 15 - 3000
  • nominal pressures PN 1 - 63
  • larger expansion joints up to 12 m in diameter and designed for higher pressures can be supplied on request.
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Product range Metal Bellows stainless steel Witzenmann
HYDRA® Metal Bellows

Metal bellows are available in two types: corrugated bellows and edge welded bellows.

  • media, temperature and corrosion resistant
  • leakproof, pressure resistant and flexible
  • single-ply and multi-ply
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Product range Pipe Supports stainless steel Witzenmann
HYDRA® Pipe Supports

We offer solutions for bearing and guiding pipelines. The HYDRA programme includes constant hangers, spring hangers, roller bearings, slide bearings and fixed bearings.

  • extensive, coordinated range of products
  • FLEXPERTE calculation program
  • maintenance-free
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Flexperte Design Software for pipe supports Witzenmann
FLEXPERTE - The Design Software

Specially designed for designers, "FLEXPERTE" is a PC software application for dimensioning and presenting expansion joints, metal bellows, flexible metal hoses and pipe supports. The menu-based application aids in the calculation and design of these products.

  • intuitive operation
  • tailor-made design even of complex load chains
  • Sigma ROHR2, Intergraph CAESAR II & Smart 3D and AVEVA PDMS & E3D
Directly to product configuration
Automotive Components Image Text
Automotive Components

The Witzenmann Group provides solutions for the most varied applications, which significantly improve the comfort, safety, efficiency and environmental balance of cars and commercial vehicles.

Witzenmann product advantages:

  • compact design
  • customised geometries
  • mass production
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Aerospace Components Product Overview Image Text
HYDRA® Aerospace Components

Our aerospace components satisfy the strictest safety standards and offer reliable performance, even under extreme loads.

Witzenmann product advantages:

  • certifications in accordance with ISO 9001, TS 16949, EN 9100
  • extensive testing equipment such as CT X-ray equipment
  • expertise in the fields of welding technology
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Residential Building Ventilation Image Text
HYDRA® Residential Building Ventilation

Our ventilation system includes rectangular tubes, flat ducts as well as fittings.

  • space-saving assembly in walls, floors, and ceilings
  • resistant against aggressive media
  • sturdy and durable
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