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The Witzenmann Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexible metallic elements such as flexible metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows and pipe supports. We are at home in all important industrial markets - in plant engineering and construction, in pipeline construction, device construction, mechanical engineering, in power plants and many other speciality markets.

Complete industrial product range

Engineering partner

Our engineering supports the customer in every phase. Starting with the first customer contact, finding the solution right up to installing the flexible component. This commitment has made us the leader in technology and service in our industry worldwide.

Design and Calculation

Using FEM programs such as Patran, Nastran and Marc, we create FE models as early as the design phase. For static and dynamic analyses. From hanger and pipe clamp to expansion joint or flexible metal hose. Thus, the components can be included in calculations with all requisite properties and without additional effort.

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Our entire engineering knowledge has been packed into our design program. This includes durability verification in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive, ASME and EJMA as well as our product configurator FLEXPERTE.

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Product Tests

Witzenmann has modern testing technologies such as

  • x-ray and ultrasonic tests (CTR)
  • electron beam microanalysis (EDX)
  • helium leak test
  • test rigs for load cycle tests under operating conditions
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We have all the necessary procedures, appropriately qualified welders and the approvals required:

  • WIG, Microplasma, MIG/MAG, UP, E-Hand
  • Laser welding (solid laser, CO2 laser, and diode laser)
  • Resistance welding (spot-welding, seam, and projection welding)
  • Brazing (induction / furnace brazing)
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In our materials laboratory, we study the suitability of materials for specific application cases. For this purpose, a broad range of experimental and testing ordinances are available to us, such as:

  • Weld seam testing (non-destructive, destructive)
  • Heat treatment of materials (hot and cold test rigs)
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The Witzenmann Group has production sites worldwide. The most modern production methods and our production network form the basis for rapid and economical manufacturing.

Our core competencies include:

  • Cutting, reshaping and welding thin-walled materials
  • Working with nickel-based alloys
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For complex components, where very high safety requirements apply or difficult installation conditions exist, we are also there on site. With engineering expertise, from the installation to starting up the system.

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Facts & Figures

12 m
the dimensions of the largest expansion joint we ever produced
Emil Witzenmann invented the expansion joint
1000 bar
is the highest pressure for which we have ever manufactured bellows
3.5 mm
is the diameter of our smallest precision bellows

Multi-ply: extreme flexibility, short overall length

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In the multi-play bellows design, the pressure-bearing overall wall is divided into several thin individual layers. This has advantages:

  • greater movement absorption: Dividing the wall thickness into several individual layers makes the bellows more flexible and quick to construct.
  • operating efficiency: It is possible to construct only the inner layer, which is in contact with the medium, from high-quality material.
  • safety: a leakage indicator can display damage to the fluid-conveying inner layer; the expansion joint remains functional, however.


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Witzenmann has the most important approvals and certifications for the plant and pipeline construction markets, for device construction, mechanical engineering, in power plants and many other special markets.

  • ISO 9001/2015
  • ABS
  • Bureau Veritas
  • DNV GL
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Rina
  • VDE
  • EJMA
  • FM
  • ASME
  • R-Stamp

There for you, worldwide

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International Engineering, Local Production Worldwide

With 22 companies, the Witzenmann Group is represented worldwide in 17 countries.

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Next steps

Configure products

Use our FLEXPERTE tool to configure products, quickly and easily, to meet your individual requirements.


  • Design of standard products
  • Creation of data sheets
  • Preparation of Enquiries

Download: FLEXPERTE customer version

FLEXPERTE: The design program for the Witzenmann Group's entire product range with function-specific subdivisions

  • Flexible metal hoses
  • Expansion joints
  • Metal bellows
  • Bearings, hangers, supports
Drawing data, including complete 3D CAD drawings, is stored alongside the calculation formulae. With PDS and PDMS interfaces, the program is versatile and universally usable.

Additional questions

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